Food Systems, Nutrition and Economic Development

OptimAdept is a multidisciplinary consulting firm, based in Nairobi, Kenya, that seeks to empower professionals and communities through technical capacity building, program implementation, and evidence generation, in an endeavor to advance innovations, economic empowerment, and sustainable programming for development.

Food systems and Nutrition Management

About Us

The consultancy firm specializes in food systems, nutrition security, and general economic development. The key technical areas of the company are to undertake multi-sectorial programme development and management, research and studies, monitoring and evaluation, Social Behavior change communication, and administrative support for programme experts. The firm collaborates with actors in different sectors whose aim is to improve agriculture and food systems; and nutrition in developing countries.


Policy Development and Reviews

Programme/Project Development and Management

Nutrition Governance and Multisectoral Coordination

Knowledge Management


Ms. Joyce Murerwa

Has 16 years of global public health and nutrition experience in over 10 countries, employing multi-sectoral and community-based participatory approaches to sustainably address malnutrition.

Ms. Irene Wairimu

Has 12 years of experience in designing, coordinating, and implementing nutrition-sensitive and specific actions, equipping her with vast knowledge on feasible community-based approaches to sustainably address malnutrition.

Ms. Angela Kimani

Food systems and nutrition expert with 12 years of experience working with various organizations at global, regional, and national levels, including the United Nations agencies, Private institutions, and INGOs.

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